As we wind down the trip, I thought that I would put down some thoughts about the trip. We will be arriving home on Monday, July 23rd. Very soon now. Overall, the trip was a great success and was great fun. With that said, there were trying times as you might expect. Both Amanda and I were sick at some point. We both were grumpy, tired, hungry, and irritated at various points, but such is the case when you travel. I have throughly enjoyed sharing the experience with my new wife (this is our honeymoon). I am looking forward to getting home, but I am also excited for our next trip wherever and whenever it may be.

In a quick summary, I like Greece, but not as much as Italy, but most people would guess that. The food in Italy far exceeded the food in Greece, but I did enjoy trying many different delicacies, if we can call them that. From the gyros and baklava to the loukoumades (fried dough covered in honey…yum), I had some foods that I loved. The Greeks infuriate me in ways similar to the Italians, but I think that I will still view them fondly. We were generally treated very well and welcomed by everyone. However, it is hard to get used to being yelled at all the time. For some reason, Greeks tend to communicate by yelling at each other.

Now the big question, would I every come back. Well, I would have to say yes. I love Italy and I would definitely return. I would prefer to go in the off season, but as a teacher that is impossible. Next time, I want to visit the less travelled portions of Italy. Rome, despite the unbearable heat and the hordes of people, will always have a special place in my heart. However, at the same time, it also frustrates me terribly. As for Greece, I would also return, but again away from the tourists. Next time, more islands and more relaxing. I have got to see most of everything that I have wanted to see in the ancient world. I have been very fortunate. I am very happy that I got to share this experience with someone whom I love very much. Although she may not love it like I do, she can appreciate my love for it.

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